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My Thoughts On Eurovision 2019

Hello Daydreamers and Overthinkers,

If you have been keeping up with the world and the media, you would know that Eurovision 2019 happened. I watched the entire thing and I have some opinions on the winners.

Some background info:

The Eurovision Song Contest is an annual international song competition, with participants from primarily European countries. Each participating country submits an original song to be televised live, then casts votes to determine the winner. It has been running since 1956 and Australia has been competing since 2015. Although Australia is not part of Europe, we were invited as a special guest one year and they liked us so much that we compete now.

Eurovision is known for being an eccentric competition that breaks stereotypes and colours waaaay outside the lines. This year, it was hosted in Israel as they were the champions of 2018. This year we saw performances through windows, a floating woman and the winner from last year sing about a banana, which was still arguably better than Madonna’s special guest performance.

Here are the official top 5 countries:

1st Place: ‘Arcade’ by Duncan Laurence, Netherlands

2nd Place: ‘Soldi’ by Mahmood, Italy

3rd Place: ‘Scream’ by Sergey Lazarev, Russia

4th Place: ‘She Got Me’ by Luca Hänni, Switzerland

5th Place: ‘Too Late For Love’ by John Lundvik, Sweden


Here are my opinions on each song and performance:

1: I really loved ‘Arcade,’ the beginning vocals seem as if they are underwater and give a very mystical feel. The song is catchy but slightly generic. The performance was powerful but not as exciting as other Eurovision entrants.

2: ‘Soldi,’ was possibly the most fun song to listen to during the finals. The rhythm is upbeat and the vocals are melodic. Bonus points for the lyrics being Italian.

3: The lyrics and delivery of ‘Scream,’ gave an overall powerful performance. The effects onstage and the image of looking through a window made the performance more unique and memorable.

4: A crowd favourite, ‘She Got Me,’ gave all the typical bad boy celebrity vibes you would expect in a song competition. The lines were delivered well and Luca’s stage performance easily won people over. I liked the song but I found it typical and somewhat overdone. Props for the snazzy background dancers.

5: ‘Too Late For Love,’ was a wholesome, beautiful song that was extremely underrated. 93 points from televoters, come on?! The performance was raw and energetic. It wasn’t my favourite but it really deserved so much better considering what it lost to.

Here are my top 5 countries:

‘Real’ 1st Place: ‘Zero Gravity’ by Kate Miller-Heidke, Australia

‘Real’ 2nd Place: ‘Arcade’ by Duncan Laurence, Netherlands

‘Real’ 3rd Place: ‘Roi’ by Bilal Hassani, France

‘Real’ 4th Place: ‘Soldi’ by Mahmood, Italy

‘Real’ 5th Place: ‘Better Love’ by Katerine Duska, Greece

My opinions on each song and performance:

Real 1: Now, I know what you’re thinking. Imogen, you can’t put Australia first because you live there. I would agree if I was only doing it because I love Australia but this song truly deserved to win! It officially placed 9th and crushed my little heart. The vocals were beautiful and the song ‘Zero Gravity’ is incredible. The captivating performance was brilliant and it definitely belonged in Eurovision. If you haven’t seen the performance, do yourself a favour and watch it on YouTube.

Real 2: Before when I said ‘Arcade’ was generic and the performance wasn’t super original I feel I was right but it shouldn’t be dismissed so easily. The vocals were incredibly alluring and the fact that it won with just a man and his trustworthy piano says a lot. I really like the lyrics as they tell a story.

Real 3: ‘Roi’ was an empowering song about self acceptance and overcoming hate. The performance was incredibly diverse as it captured the lives of people who aren’t considered to be the ‘norm’. The vocals were beautiful and I loved how both French and English were incorporated into the song.

Real 4: ‘Soldi’ was such an awesome, energetic performance that it deserved a mention in the top 5. I can definitely imagine listening along to it when I feel the need to get pumped up about something. The stage presence was great and I really enjoyed the tune of the performance.

Real 5: ‘Better Love’ was an artistic masterpiece. The song was rather majestic and I loved the messages behind it. The music style was more contemporary than others and is something that I would usually listen to.

Overall, I was really impressed by the quality of Eurovision this year and I can’t wait for The Netherlands 2020.

Did any of you watch Eurovision? What were your thoughts? Tell me in the comments.


An Overthinker